Queens forms technology study partnership

Queen’s University Belfast and Bengal Engineering and Science University have launched a science and technology scholarship programme

Queen’s University Belfast and Bengal Engineering and Science University, Kolkata, have launched a scholarship programme to allow Indian science and technology students to live and work in Belfast.

Indian students will study in the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) research centre at Queen’s. Students will also engage in a range of academic, cultural and social activities alongside their research.

Queen’s pro-chancellor, Dr Chris Gibson said: ‘This innovative approach by Queen’s will increase collaboration between electronic engineers in India and Belfast. The new scholarship scheme will strengthen our partnership and help identify the research leaders of tomorrow.

‘The opportunities for collaboration include ‘split site’ studentships, staff exchanges and research partnerships. Queen’s global connections depend on researchers recognising each others strengths and securing mutual benefit from this type of collaboration and cooperation.

‘Today the demands on a university go beyond producing skilled graduates and world class research. Universities are now recognised as the drivers of economic development, an essential prerequisite for a knowledge based economy. Queen’s partnership with India will assist with this economic development.’