Quiet, compact vacuum pumps

The Miniflex series of compressed air driven vacuum pumps with very flexible attachment and connection possibilities has been launched by PIAB. Two models – M and X – each in three sizes are available.

The M model is suitable where the required vacuum level is in the range 0 to -70kPa; the X version is suitable for vacuum levels starting at -70kPa up to -95kPa. The capacity varies between 7.4m3/h to 234m3/h depending on pump choice.

The compact pumps, the outside measurement of the biggest unit is 150mm x 72mm x 56mm, consist of several `vacuum chips’ in polyamide assembled to an anodised aluminium profile. They incorporate a silencer, and can be operated within the temperature range -20 degrees C to +80 degrees C. The recommended feed pressure is 0.5MPa to 0.6MPa, and there is a low pressure version (0.4MPa) of the X model available.

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