QWIP finds the target

Rainbow Group of Companies Incorporated has announced that the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has been issued a patent for its Dual-band Quantum Well (QWIP) Infrared Photodetector.

According to the Rainbow Group, these new sensors will be able to detect radiation at two wavelengths spanning across the long-wave and mid-wave infrared spectrum, creating a two- colour image. This simultaneous detection of heat signatures is also said to introduce the ability to remotely measure the absolute temperature of an object.

Missiles have depended on infrared detection systems to track heat from a jet engine or rocket plume. The dual-band QWIP technology will allow these systems to discriminate between the actual target and a decoy.

The QWIP technology uses a semiconductor substance, which is said to be a very stable manufacturing material that lends itself to commercial production with higher yields and lower manufacturing costs.

Because of its stability and low cost, there is said to be a large opportunity to fulfil many commercial and military applications with these detectors.

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