Racks in EMC and IP55 formats

The Verak racks from Vero Electronics provides in excess of 80dB attenuation at 100MHz. They are available in combined IP55 and EMC formats, in heights of 27U to 42U, and 600 3 600, 600 3 800, 800 3 600 and 800 3 800 plan sizes and are rated at 750kg static load.

Strength is provided by a 2mm framework, and the knife-edges that interact with the panel mounted gasket to create the IP seal are an integral part of the verticals. They are self locating into slots in the end frames, and the sides of the knife-edges are also the faces against which the EMC gaskets mate.

A swing handle controls an over-centre cam closure that exerts the correct pressure on the EMC gaskets to avoid over compression.

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