RAF weapons deal set to help sustain hundreds of UK jobs

A £60m deal for extra Royal Air Force (RAF) precision weapons will help sustain hundreds of UK jobs, according to an announcement from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) today.

Paveway IV is among the most advanced precision bombs in the world and is considered the backbone of the RAF’s bombing capability.

The contract has been awarded to Raytheon UK and will sustain some 450 jobs in advanced weapons manufacturing at its plants in Glenrothes, Scotland, and in Harlow, Essex.

A number of jobs will also be sustained at subcontractors Portsmouth Aviation in Portsmouth and Thales in Basingstoke.

Paveway IV is fitted with global positioning system (GPS) technology and laser guidance systems, which mean that the precision delivery of the capability is unaffected by clouds or smoke screens.

The weapon is fitted with a UK-developed failsafe fuse mechanism and will only detonate once it has reached its intended target.