Rambus DRAM Breaks 1GHz Speed Barrier

Rambus, a provider of high bandwidth chip connection technology, and its industry leading partners, have announced support for the first DRAM capable of transferring data at speeds greater than 1GHz.

Rambus’ 1066MHz RDRAM provides a 33% increase in performance using current RDRAM technology, the highest performance DRAM to date. The 1066MHz RDRAM is a simple bin split of the industry standard 800MHz RDRAM device currently available from leading RDRAM manufacturers.

The 1066MHz RDRAM is initially targeted for consumer, graphics and communications applications, providing 2.1 GB/s of bandwidth from a single device on a Rambus Channel.

Supporting customer production needs in 2001 are DRAM partners Samsung Semiconductor Hyundai Electronics, Toshiba, NEC Electronics and Infineon Technologies; clock-chip partners Cypress Semiconductor Corp., Integrated Circuit Systems, and International Microcircuits Inc; and test equipment partner Advantest Corporation.

For more information on 1066MHz RDRAMs, including data sheets and specifications, visit http://www.rambus.com.