Rapid fit rollers

INA has produced two new series of ready to fit crossed roller bearings that are said to allow rapid fitting by means of predrilled mounting holes in the bearing rings.

The X arrangement of the rollers in the bearings make them suitable for any combination of loads, claims INA. For example, a single bearing can support radial loads, axial loads from different directions and tilting movements.

This potentially makes it possible to replace convential designs by incorporating two bearings by a significantly more compact and cost effective arrangement requiring one bearing.

Bearings series XSU are available in bore sizes from 150 to 1024 mm and have a single-piece inner ring which is preloaded. Both inner and outer rings have fixing holes.

Series XV bearings have a bore size range of 30 to 110 mm and a split inner ring which allows adjustment of the bearing clearance. The outer ring has fixing holes for screw mounting.

Both series of bearings can be screw mounted without additional design and production of premachined and drilled clamping rings.

They also have a uniform rotational resistance and, when preloaded and lubricated with grease, are suitable for circumferential speeds of up to two metres per second.

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