Rapid Injection Moulding Leader Announces Larger

Market leading Rapid Injection Moulding specialist Protomold is delighted to announce that it can now offer injection moulded parts up to 770mm x 340mm x 150mm (2 x 75mm); more than two and a half times the length and almost 50% wider than its previously largest mould.

“Our largest cumulative investment to date is in the injection moulding machines that make the parts and the advanced, high-speed milling machines that make the moulds,” says managing director, John Tumelty. “With new, bigger machines we can offer larger, more complex parts and better serve markets such as automotive and medical machine manufacturing.”

Many of the company’s existing UK and European customers are already taking advantage of this increase in size capability to manufacture larger parts. “We can still maintain our award winning, unprecedented service of real plastic injection moulded parts in as little as one business day,” Mr. Tumelty adds.

This significant leap in manufacturing capability comes at the same time as the company has upgraded to a 1.9 teraflop* multi-processor analysis hub. At the heart of Protomold’s service is ProtoQuote™, its online parts ordering and quotation system. ProtoQuote™ uses sophisticated, proprietary software designed and developed to analyse 3D CAD models – uploaded by Protomold customers – and to deliver detailed cost and manufacturability reports in as little as an hour.

“Software and state-of-the-art hardware are vital to Protomold’s success,” says Tumelty. “This new processing cluster is the engine that drives all of our electronic activity and provides the speed, analysis and accuracy which our customers demand and value.”

Customers can interact with the Protomold online system from anywhere in the world to view quotes, amend and update quote requirements, access large volumes of detailed information regarding design and manufacturing tips and best practices, check shipping details and order parts.  Injection moulded parts can now be ordered almost as easily as a book on Amazon.com.

As well as the new, bigger machines and the hardware upgrade, additional Protomold developments in 2008 include a web based customer portal to further improve the customer’s experience.  Users enjoy a secure login to a personalised home page where they can access all the information they require to obtain quotes, review part design feedback, place orders and pay online.

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