Rapid tooling

3D Systems has announced the availability of its new LaserForm ST-200 material for use in its SLS systems.

The material itself is comprised of 420 stainless steel, which is sintered in the SLS system. The sintered part is then infiltrated with bronze in an oven to produce a fully dense part or tool.

‘LaserForm ST-200 material has characteristics similar to P20 steel. This allows customers to use it to produce sintered parts and tools that are fully dense, with complex geometries and intricate feature detail, without the thermal stress associated with other technologies,’ said Mervyn Rudgley, Senior Director of Product Management.

‘In a recent customer trial, injection moulding inserts, slides and rails composed of LaserForm ST-200 material were used to produce 40,000 pieces of a 30% glass-filled nylon 6.12. In use, the tooling components showed no significant wear,’ concluded Rudgley.

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