Raytheon awarded $20 million contract

Raytheon has been awarded the Very Advanced Air Traffic Control Automation System (VATCAS) contract by Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) in a deal worth in excess of US$20 million.

The contract will be developed over 20 months as the cornerstone of DFS’ strategic program for transition to very advanced air traffic management.

VATCAS is said to provide the system architecture and strategic platform to ensure interoperability and future expansion under DFS’ Very Advanced Flight Data Processing Operational Requirements Implementation (VAFORIT) program.

VATCAS and DFS’ very advanced flight data processing system and displays make up the VAFORIT program.

Designed to increase capacity and enhance safety, VAFORIT will allow DFS to manage growing air traffic levels. The system will provide the transition of Germany’s airspace from the advanced level of capability as defined by the European Civil Aviation Conference to the very advanced level.

Benefits of the new system include highly accurate aircraft position information, comprehensive situational awareness and a strip-less environment.

According to a statement the VATCAS award continues a long successful history of co-operation between Raytheon and DFS as VATCAS builds on the capability established under the P1 Air Traffic Control Automation System (ATCAS).

Operating flawlessly since it was put into operation in Langen in 1999, the P1 ATCAS system will continue to be enhanced during the parallel development of VATCAS.

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