Raytheon awarded $53 Million contract

Raytheon has received a $53 million contract to provide the US Army with kits that will enhance the capability of the Patriot Air Defence System’s radar.

The contract is specifically for four Radar Enhancement Phase III (REP III) kits and four Classification, Discrimination and Identification Phase 3 (CDI-3) kits for the Patriot radar.

The contract award from the US Army Aviation & Missile Command includes spares and integration of the kits.

According to a statement the REP III improvements double the average power of the Patriot radar, while the CDI-3 kits add a wideband capability to the radar for generating and processing high range and medium range resolution waveforms for target discrimination.

‘These improvements will give the Patriot radar more capability in its surveillance, tracking and missile guidance functions,’ said Walter Putis, Raytheon vice president and Patriot program manager. ‘By adding CDI-3, we have increased Patriot’s discrimination ability against ballistic missile warheads, debris, tankage and decoys.’

This latest award continues the upgrade modifications Raytheon is currently performing on the US Army’s Patriot radars. Work will be performed at various Raytheon facilities in Massachusetts.

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