Raytheon awarded $75.4 million contract

Raytheon has been awarded two US Navy Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) production contracts totalling $75.4 million. One is for launching systems for the German Navy; the other is for missiles for the US Navy.

The first contract, in the amount of $39.7 million, is for production of 10 RAM Guided Missile Launching Systems and supporting equipment for the German Navy. This procurement will be part of the ship self-defence package for Germany’s new Korvette class of ships.

The second contract, in the amount of $35.7 million, is for the delivery of 90 RAM Mk44 Mod 2 Guided Missile Round Packs and spares to the US Navy.

The contract is the Navy’s fifth production instalment of the RAM Block 1 configuration and the seventh procurement of the upgraded RAM fuse. The contract also includes funding for production of three test missiles each for Germany and Korea.

According to Raytheon, RAM is a lightweight, quick reaction; high-firepower missile system designed to provide anti-ship missile defence.

The Mk49 Mod 3 Guided Missile Launching System includes a 21-round launcher and below-deck electronics and incorporates the ability to counter a new set of air and surface threats.

RAM’s dual-mode, autonomous, sensing seekers are said to provide high firepower, since no shipboard support is required after launch.

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