Raytheon awarded Iraq C4 contract

Raytheon has been awarded a $38m US Army contract for ongoing design, development, installation and maintenance of command and control, communications and computing (C4) facilities in Iraq.

The contract is awarded primarily for the operation and maintenance of existing facilities, engineering and installation of new services, network information assurance, and logistics support services.

This is the fifth contract awarded to Raytheon for communications and information systems infrastructure. It is also the first option exercised to Raytheon for its communications technology solutions that include classified and unclassified network data, network management, information assurance, communications security management, system administration, video teleconferencing, and help desk/customer support.

The essential C4 capabilities provided under this contract range from the Multi-National Force headquarters location to the zone around the US Embassy and enclaves throughout the International Zone, as well as outlying bases throughout Iraq and elsewhere in the field.