Raytheon recommended

The US Navy has recommended Raytheon’s advanced submarine combat control system, AN/BYG-1, for fleet introduction on the SSGN Ohio Class and SSN-21 Seawolf Class attack submarines.

The recommendation follows favourable tests and evaluations. Recent Follow-on Operational Test & Evaluation reports highlighted several performance enhancements and confirmed the operational effectiveness and suitability of the AN/BYG-1(V)6 and (V)7 for the SSN-21 and SSGN submarines.

According to Raytheon, AN/BYG-1 exploits the power of sonar, electronic support measures, radar, navigation, periscopes, communication, command and weapons to provide a fully integrated submarine combat system.

The system was designed using commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment and open standards that provide interoperability, portability, scalability and supplier independence for all hardware and software components. The AN/BYG-1 system allows for quick COTS insertion to accommodate and integrate additional functionality, sensors and/or weapons.