Real-time Linux

Lineo, a developer of embedded Linux system software, has formed an Industrial Solutions Group to focus on real-time solutions for the industrial control and military marketplaces. This group has released a common API for real-time Linux, giving real-time Linux developers the ability to use the same API whether they are developing on RTLinux or RTAI, the two most widely-used distributions of real-time Linux.

The need for a common API was identified during the Real-Time Linux Workshop discussions held in Vienna, Austria in December 1999. With this new API, a developer can now port an RTLinux application directly to newer versions of real-time Linux. This also allows developers to take advantage of new features and services incorporated into either RTAI 1.x or RTLinux 2.x. Expertise in real-time Linux comes primarily from Lineo’s recent acquisition of Zentropix.

Lineo’s Industrial Solutions Group will be based in Reston, Va. and will continue to work closely with Paolo Mantegazza, professor at Department of Aerospace Engineering of Milan, Italy (DIAPM) and RTAI system architect and project leader, to provide additional enhancements to RTAI.