Recorder for demanding environments

Eurotherm has launched a version of its Series 5000 Data Recorder designed exclusively for batch process applications.

Designated the Series 5000 Batch Recorder, the instrument has been developed for demanding batch process production environments such as heat treatment, and pharmaceutical production.

The Series 5000 replaces traditional paper chart recorders, which have often been used to produce printed charts as permanent historical records of batch process variable. In doing so, the instrument provides the benefits of true paperless recording and a clear operator display to provide fully traceable process data.

At the start of each batch, operators enter key batch details including operator identification, batch number, charge number and other text. These details are all logged with a complete record of process data during the batch, for quality assurance and customer requirements.

Searching and reporting on the batch data can be implemented using Eurotherm’s proprietary PC Review software, which allows detailed batch reports to be easily printed at the time or at a later date. If required, data can be recorded onto floppy disk or plug-in PC Card. Security of data is maintained by using a proprietary algorithm to both compress and render the data almost impossible to change.

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