Panasonic has established a milestone for compact class machine vision systems for industrial automation and quality control: Imagechecker PV500: that’s the name of the new fast and powerful all-round system, available with either 2 or 4 cameras.

The following features of PV500 contribute to increasing productivity in your production line:
Impressively fast
Five processors, fast quad-speed cameras able to deliver partial images and true parallel processing help the PV500 achieve remarkable checking speeds of just a few milliseconds.
Your advantage: Fast, 100% check, part for part – even for quick production lines and sophisticated checking tasks.
Extremely precise
High resolution, detailed image capturing conducted by up to four CCD matrix cameras, each with up to two megapixels. The digital signal transfer for PV500 (CameraLink) translates into images with extremely little noise. Additionally, powerful imagechecking and highly precise judgment algorithms are at your disposal. The internal calculation accuracy is 1/1000 pixel.
Your advantage: Even the smallest errors or variations from the target values are recognized and can be reliably reproduced.
Extremely flexible
Three different camera types are available for PV500. You can combine camera types or trigger and run them separately. The system can be configured quickly and conveniently using a keypad – even during operation. You can customize the layout of the user interface, and extensive documentation possibilities round off the device’s flexibility. 
Your advantage: The PV500 is well prepared to handle all of your future checking needs.

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