Reinventing the box?

In many areas of engineering, new products appear regularly, but it is not often that there is something worth shouting about in the world of enclosures. However, Somerset firm Willsher & Quick believes that its new free-standing enclosure will be the envy of rival manufacturers for some time to come.

The Access range dispenses with the traditional design of four corner uprights: instead the whole framework is supported by two centrally positioned vertical extrusions. Access and security are combined in a design which enables the user to declad the whole structure starting from lockable doors on the front and back. Once a door has been unlocked, twin side panels can then be removed using quick release catches.

The design offers obvious benefits to both installers and end-users. The open-frame structure permits all round accessibility, making cabling and baying of cabinets relatively easy. All door frames and shelves are vented to assist internal convection, and a range of accessories can be introduced to meet specific customer requirements.