Relays available with plug-in terminals

A range of safety relays to include a plug-in terminal version of its X-range emergency stop relays is now available from Pilz.

With all the features of the existing relays, the new plug-in versions are said to be highly cost-effective and continue to provide high levels of safety.

Error potential is reduced thanks to coded plug and socket connections, designed to eliminate incorrect assembly, and the use of plug-in terminals enables speedier installation and wiring. The terminal block is easily removed, making dismantling and reassembly simple.

Pluggable relays are available in 22.5, 45 and 90mm housing for a wide range of applications. The PNOZ X2P emergency stop relay and safety gate monitor is just 22.5mm wide but can each achieve category two and four, with single or dual-channel control plus automatic and monitored reset.

The PNOZ X9P multi-function safety relay is a category four device with seven safety contacts and two semiconductor signal outputs. The P2HZ X1P two-hand control device is suitable for use with mechanical and hydraulic presses and complies with EN 574 Type IIIC.

The new safety relays enable users to have more terminal using less space in a control cabinet. The range is easy to handle and, by eliminating the risk of error, can help to reduce downtime. If necessary, pre-wiring can save time.

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