Reliable 3D CAD data exchange

Coretech International says Trans 3D V1.7 – the latest version of its 3D CAD data exchange software – offers unmatched capabilities for conversion and visualisation of 3D models in heterogeneous contexts, making the software a critical link in numerical modelling architecture and in CAD systems migration processes.

Where the standard interface modules of CAD products fall down in meeting your data exchange requirements, Coretech says Trans 3D provides reliable conversion of data on complex solid and surface 3D models, thanks to its integrated geometric modelling conversion engine. This takes account of the peculiarities of the modelling techniques used by the various manufacturers of CAD systems. According to Coretech, these differences can be the source of corruption or loss of information encountered during data conversion.

Each of the direct converters between source and destination modellers supplied by Trans 3D includes a conversion engine that uses these differences to execute specific tasks such as `healing’ or topology correction, ensuring the model is `clean’ in the destination software.

The wide range of Trans 3D’s interface modules is now completely available for a Windows NT environment.

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