Reliable sensing in tough environments

However harsh or aggressive the working environment, Keyence’s FU range of fibre sensors can cope. There are three types of sensor in the range.

A Teflon sheathed fibre unit can offer stable detection where water, oil or chemicals are present. A highly efficient focusing lens ensures even oil mist is penetrated by the light beam, whilst the Teflon coating eliminates the possibility of corrosion.

A Hyper-flex type provides fibres that can be continually flexed without fear of breakage. Tests conducted on these flexible fibre units have shown that where a typical 1mm metallic sensor cable will break after an average 121 flexures, and even a 3-core cable will only offer 2200 flexures, the Keyence units will still operate reliably after 80,000 or more flexing operations.

Lastly, a heat resistant type offers a range of sensors capable of providing reliable operation in extremes of temperature as low as -60 C and as high as +350 C.

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