Rencol Tolerance Rings increases supply to Western Digital

Building on a relationship that goes back a decade Western Digital is increasing its volume with Rencol Tolerance Rings to supply its products for Western Digital’s PSG products. With Western Digital producing 15 million PSG (desktop) units a quarter Rencol is now supplying 80 million tolerance rings per year into the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) market.

Rencol has an established history in the HDD market going back over 20 years and a relationship with Western Digital that stretches back to 1995 when the two companies worked on a pivot assembly mount project that was used in the 3.0 Cheetah programme

Nik Woodhead, HDD product manager for Rencol says “The area that the HDD market is really interested in right now is high performance with low cost. The Rencol tolerance ring (TR) compares to the best bearing attachment methods that are available and is being specified in place of adhesives. This is because the product allows HDD manufacturers to reach the next performance level while controlling the costs.”

Commenting further Nik Woodhead reveals “The current big jump in technology is perpendicular recording, this is allowing IT hardware companies to produce Hard Disk Drives for laptops with capacities in excess of 200Gb. TRs facilitate this technology and allow the HDD manufacturers to capitalise upon it.”

A reason why Western Digital chose Rencol was because of the company’s historic link and reputation within with the Hard Disk Drive market. Since it first became involved twenty years ago Rencol has kept abreast of developments and has invested in R&D to meet the market’s requirements. “TRs for the HDD market are difficult parts to manufacture” says Nik Woodhead “the tolerances involved and the quality specifications mean Rencol has to work very hard to meet the performance parameters required. But after its years of success in the market, Rencol has the intellectual property and the experience to meet its customers’ needs.”

The increase in volume to Western Digital further strengthens Rencol Tolerance Rings’ position as the sole supplier of tolerance rings to the HDD market.

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