Renold Gears profiles Holroyd at the BIEMH show in Bilbao

Renold Gears has long been known for high quality power transmission equipment, the roots of which can be traced back to the John Holroyd company which was established, and started manufacture, at the start of the last century.

Although the original John Holroyd Company was taken over by Renold in the early sixties, the world renowned quality of the wormgears has remained and today is at the fore front of high precision machine tool wormgears.

Still manufactured at the same factory in Milnrow, north of Manchester, Renold Gears’ Holroyd dual lead wormgear sets are ideally suited for use in positional machinery as they provide a kinematically correct gear which can run in either direction of rotation and on which the backlash is infinitely adjustable from an acceptable maximum to zero.

The gears are manufactured in matched pairs and the mounting diameters are designed to fit to the customer’s specific requirements.

Unique transmission testing of the profile of the gears ensures a constant gearing contact throughout its full rotation.
This comprises a continuous measurement of the angular position of the driven wormwheel, relative to where it should be with a perfect gearset, as the driving worm rotates at a uniform rate. The test measures, and records directly, pitch and eccentricity errors and also the profile errors of the active part of the profile.

Renold Gears supplies precision gears for positional indexing and rotary table drive manufacturers and is exhibiting at the Spanish BIEMH show in Bilbao from the 3rd – 8th March with the aim of increasing its profile to machine builders both in Spain and overseas. The company can be found in Hall 4 on stand J22. 

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