Reopening the Lindows

Michael Robertson’s company has launched a web site to make its Linux OS available in European countries where Microsoft Corporation has won victories in the courts to block its availability.

Last month, following the decision of a Swedish court to block the distribution of the Lindows software, Lindows lost a legal battle in the Netherlands where it was ruled that the company had to stop using its famous Lindows name because it was a spoof of Microsoft’s well known alternative. And it was also told to stop users from the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Belgium from accessing its Lindows site.

For that reason, the company is now making its operating system available through the ‘Lindash’ website at <a href=’http://www.lin—’>www.lin—</a>. The www.lin— website enables Dutch citizens to purchase the software online and download it. The website, which of course does not use the Lindows name, also shows listings of resellers in the Netherlands who are offering the Lindows software in stores pre-loaded onto computers.

‘Dutch citizens deserve the same choices that are currently available to the citizens of more than one hundred countries around the world,’ said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of

‘Lindash ensures that the Netherlands will have affordable, virus-free options instead of just expensive Microsoft software.’