Repair your 3D models on-line

Spatial has announced open beta testing of, its Internet-based application service provider for the repair and exchange of 3D model data in engineering design and manufacturing. You can join at with no charge during the open beta test period.

The service provides rapid healing and repair of 3D models, addressing the interoperability problems which can occur between manufacturers and their third-party component suppliers, caused by the errors produced when 3D solid models are moved between different systems.

Using the site, you first log in, and then indicate translation and healing processes. You are then prompted to upload your 3D model. You are notified by email when your model is being repaired, and you can track progress through a status page on the web site. When processing is complete, an email notification is sent out and you can download your model, accompanied by a comprehensive repair report.

Spatial estimates that will cost you perhaps a tenth what it would cost to manually fix 3D models using traditional techniques and packaged software. While the service is free during the beta testing period, you can expect to pay when the site goes live, and Spatial reports that the site will support secure credit card transactions.

For companies wishing to keep data entirely in-house, Spatial says it is planning an enterprise version of

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