Report shows signs of recovery in electronics supply chain

Year-on-year sales growth across the global electronics supply chain was mixed in the second quarter of 2012 but is now moving in a positive direction, according to industry association IPC.

The summer edition of IPC’s quarterly report, Electronics Industries Market Data Update, reveals that reduced growth forecasts from China and continued worries about Greece have reinforced concern about a global economic slowdown. Although domestic growth in China is showing resilience, exports remained sluggish in the second quarter owing to the slow recovery in the US and the contracting economy in Europe.

Leading indicators in North America show signs of stalled growth in the economy in the second quarter but point to a resumption of modest growth in the second half of 2012.

Year-over-year PCB and semiconductor sales growth rates in North America remained negative in the second quarter of 2012, while EMS, wet chemistry and solder were positive, showing signs of recovery.