Researchers claim fastest embedded SRAM at over 2 GHz speeds

Researchers at IBM recently announced the world’s fastest embedded SRAM with on-chip speeds greater than 2 GHz – twice as fast as anything available on the market today, according to the company.

IBM said the embedded SRAM design will help boost performance of a new chip – code-named ‘Blue Flame’ – which is being readied for the company’s next generation of mainframe computers. These systems are expected to be released early next year. The Blue Flame chip is now running in the lab at clock speeds of 1 GHz, according to IBM.

The embedded SRAM was produced with copper interconnects and a 0.18-micron CMOS process technology. The embedded memory will provide 34-kilobits of level-one cache at 2-GHz speeds on the Blue Flame chip. The 1.5-volt embedded SRAM has a read access time of less than 430 picoseconds, or about one billionth of a second, said IBM researchers.

The high performance of the embedded SRAM block is a result of both innovative circuit design and advanced processing technology, according to IBM.