Resistance isn’t futile

With a range of 0.1 Ohm to 100 MOhms, the new family of resistor chips from Vishay Intertechnology is designed for applications requiring reliable operation in extended temperature operating conditions.

Featuring a resistance range of 0.1 Ω to 100 MΩ, the new family of high-stability, thick film resistor chips from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc is designed for professional, industrial, military and other high-reliability applications requiring robust and reliable operation in extended temperature operating conditions.

The new devices are said to be particularly suited to calibration, power supplies, RF circuits and digital-to-analogue conversion designs.

The Vishay Sfernice thick film resistor chips include CHP series standard passivated resistors and HCHP series resistors for higher frequency applications. Established reliability versions are also available.

Each series covers the resistance range 0.1 Ω to 100 MΩ, with 0.5 % tolerance and 100 ppm/ degrees C temperature coefficient versions available from 10 Ω to 5 MΩ. Twelve case sizes are available in industry standard SMD packages, from 0502 to 2512. Nickel terminations are either pre-tinned for standard surface mount and reflow, or with gold over nickel for use with high-temperature solders or other applications including wire bonding or gluing.

The Vishay Sfernice resistors feature sputtered thin film terminations with a nickel barrier for high robustness to thermal cycling and shocks, and deliver the close tolerance, high-stability, wide ohmic range, high peak power, and high frequency performance benefits of thick film resistors.

Independent approvals include NFC-83-240, CECC 40 401, and MIL-R-55342 D. The established reliability versions include the RR-series, certified to EN 140 401 802, and the soon-to-be-qualified CHPHR-series. The thick film chip resistors are available in waffle pack or in 8-mm tape and reel up to 4000 units per reel.

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