Resisting the heat

Hart Scientific has developed a 10-ohm platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) which can read temperatures as high as 1000 degrees C.

Hart’s Model 5624 includes a NIST-traceable, NVLAP-accredited fixed-point calibration covering the range of 0 degrees C to 962 degrees C.

Accuracy (including short-term stability and calibration uncertainty) of ±0.055 degrees C is provided over the full range of calibration.

After one year of use, the Model 5624 drifts less than 10 mK at 0 degrees C.

A uniquely small sensor construction creates low immersion requirements, allowing the Hart Scientific 5624 to be used as a reference standard in 6 inch (153 mm) dry-well calibrators and furnaces.

Enclosed in an alumina sheath, the Model 5624 will not experience the contamination problems that commonly plague metal-sheathed PRTs at high temperatures.

The thermometer is priced at $2,395 which includes the fixed-point calibration and protective case. Units ship 30 days ARO.

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