Reverse engineering software updated

Not everybody working with complex shapes wants to abandon traditional modelling methods for styling their designs. But would not it be good to also take advantage of CADCAM when turning concept designs into mass-produced parts? To facilitate this, Delcam is to release a major update of its CopyCAD reverse engineering software. This includes a number of features that will allow users to produce high quality CAD surfaces from digitised data produced by a wide range of scanning equipment.

Delcam reckons the software will be of value wherever CAD models need to be produced from existing physical models, including the production of new components from master models and design variants from current parts. The CAD models generated can be used within analysis packages, or to generate CNC data for tooling manufacture. Toolmakers will also find CopyCAD of value when they need to repair old tooling where CAD data either is inaccurate or is not available.

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