Reviewing 3D models over the Web

Bentley Systems has added Bentley Model Streaming to its content management and publishing line of products.

Bentley Model Streaming makes engineering data visible to all participants in a project over the Web. It works with any 3D models created with MicroStation, Bentley applications such as MicroStation TriForma and PlantSpace, as well as AutoCAD 3D models.

Any 3D model created by intelligent 3D applications such as Intergraph PDS and Rebis AutoPlant can also be hosted by the Model Streaming software.

Bentley Model Streaming also provides more than just the 3D image. With the click of a mouse on an object of interest, the user can also see details about specifications, vendors or availability that can be included from either an engineering design or an enterprise data system.

Based on the patented VizStream technology from RealityWave, Bentley Model Streaming allows a model to be viewed by users equipped only with a Web browser.

Since a model itself is never downloaded, Model Streaming can be used with systems that have low bandwidth connections.

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