Rexroth IndraDrive Mi

Modular, highly integrated and fully functional, Rexroth has announced another milestone for IndraDrive with the launch of the IndraDrive Mi. Through an innovative design build concept, engineers at Rexroth have reduced the total build space required by over fifty percent when compared to traditional servo drives.

With IndraDrive Mi, Rexroth’s designers have created a completely new kind of build concept. The motor casing serves as the cooling element for the control system, which is fitted to the motor, thus adding only a tiny extension to the overall profile. As a result, up to 30 percent less build space is needed in comparison to other integrated systems, where the electronics are fitted behind the motor, and over 50 percent less total space is required compared to a traditional servo drive, with its separate motor and converter. This dramatically reduces the space requirement and the loss of capacity in the control cabinet.

Rexroth’s new IndraDrive Mi build concept also eliminates the need to replace wear and tear parts such as fans, electrolytic capacitors and relays increasing the unit’s overall reliability and lifetime considerably, as well as reducing costs associated with unscheduled downtime. Early results from field trials carried out by various machine manufacturers indicate that IndraDrive Mi provides total performance and functionality when used continuously and in harsh production conditions.

Not only that, but Rexroth has also reduced wiring costs significantly; a single cable is all that is required to supply energy and carry control commands via SERCOS. When several of Rexroth’s IndraDrive Mi systems are connected in series, the wiring costs are reduced even further. And what’s more, this system allows additional drives to be added as and when required without having to modify the controls.

Rexroth’s new IndraDrive Mi combines top power density with total functionality and is fully compatible with the IndraDrive range. As with all IndraDrives, these servo drives have over 100 technology functions, including the integrated Motion Logic system conforming to IEC 61131-3, and are part of Automation House, Rexroth’s new electric drives and controls systems and components concept. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for decentralised automation.

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