RF design and simulation

The Mathworks’ RF Blockset and RF Toolbox expand the scope of model-based design for wireless system development.

The MathWorks’ RF Blockset and the RF Toolbox are two new products designed to expand the scope of Model-Based Design for signal processing and communications engineering applications.

Both products enhance the functionality of the MathWorks’ software platforms, MATLAB and Simulink, by providing users with a features that target RF system design, analysis, development, and implementation.

The MathWorks RF Blockset works within the Simulink environment and offers users a library of blocks to model the behaviour of RF amplifiers, mixers, filters, and transmission lines. Using the RF Blockset, system architects can apply Model-Based Design to develop commercial and defense wireless communication systems and semiconductors.

Engineers can validate a working model in Simulink and then use that model as an executable specification to verify design and implementation. As a result, users can optimise an entire RF system, eliminating laborious programming and saving time and money.

Also available from The MathWorks is the RF Toolbox, which extends the MATLAB technical computing environment by providing users with pre-built design and analysis functions and a graphical tool for working with, analysng, and visualising the behaviour of RF components. With the RF Toolbox, RF engineers can now access industry standard data files and work with network parameters in MATLAB to manipulate data and visualise results of analysis, thereby eliminating error-prone manual calculations. Additionally, the RF Toolbox includes rectangular, polar, and Smith charts for visualising data.

The RF Blockset works with the RF Toolbox to manipulate network parameters in the MATLAB workspace or to read in data from industry-standard file formats. During simulation, blocks are modelled using a time-domain, complex-baseband representation for fast simulations and compatibility with other Simulink blocks, such as those in the Communications Blockset (available separately). This combination enables the development of algorithms to mitigate the effect of RF impairments on system performance.

The RF Blockset and RF Toolbox are available immediately for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh platforms.

US list prices start at $2,000 for the RF Blockset and $1,000 for the RF Toolbox.

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