RF module remotely reads water meters

Schlumberger Resource Management Services has launched a radio frequency module, known as Cyble RF, to allow its water meters to be read remotely. The new module is fully compatible with all the water meters that Schlumberger produces for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The Cyble RF module includes a completely self-contained radio communications link and is designed to be used with handheld data capture devices for walk-by meter reading applications. The key benefit of this type of remote reading technology is that the meter reader can gain access to 100% of the water meter’s indexes without any need to intrude into customers’ premises. It is also ideal for use in hard-to-read locations such as deep meter pits or hazardous areas. Furthermore, all the data can be acquired and transferred direct to the utility’s billing system, which increases data collection speed and reduces reading mistakes.

The Cyble RF module is a completely standalone device that is directly integrated onto the meter’s register and can accurately measure the flow rate, as well as the flow direction. The module also provides a number of advanced functions such as leakage detection, fixed date readings and back flow detection.

All data transmission to and from the module is accomplished over the licence-free 433 MHz band. The transmission protocol employed by the Cyble RF module is compliant with the low power radio communications standard defined by the Radian (Radio Application Network) association, which has now been adopted by most of the leading utilities and metering/service providers operating in Europe. Depending upon the environmental conditions and sensitivity of the remote reading system, the module has a communication range of up to 600 metres.

The unit is waterproof and can even be used in severe environmental conditions such as under water or mud in flooded pits. The module uses low-power consumption circuitry and is powered by lithium batteries, providing an unequalled 15-year typical lifetime.