RF power detection

Analog Devices says it has developed the industry’s first logarithmic RF detector to accurately measure the power of radio signals from 1 MHz to 8 GHz, exceeding the previous maximum of 2.5 GHz.

Accurate RF power measurement can reduce the size and cost of expensive RF power transmitters and is a key to easing wireless network management challenges. Maintaining the detector dynamic range up to 8 GHz has never before been possible.

The AD8318 can be used in many types of wireless communications infrastructure equipment, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA cellular base stations (which operate up to 2 GHz), W-LAN 802.11 applications (which require 5 GHz), and point-to-point fixed wireless systems (which operate up to 30 GHz).

The device provides over 55-dB dynamic range with better than +/-1-dB accuracy up to 5.8 GHz. At 8 GHz, the AD8318 provides over 58-dB dynamic range with better than +/-3-dB accuracy. The temperature drift can be fine tuned to the band of interest, yielding better than +/-0.5-dB stability from -40 to +85 degrees C.

It integrates an on-chip temperature sensor that provides a 2-mV/degree C output voltage that can be used for additional temperature compensation and/or system monitoring. The part also provides a fast output response time of 8 nsec, enabling the part to be used for RF burst detection.

Sampling now, production quantities will be available July 2004. The device is offered in a compact 4 mm x 4 mm, 16-pin LFCSP (lead-frame chip-scale package), and is fully specified over the -40 to +85 degrees C operating temperature range.

The AD8318 is priced at $5.99 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities.

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