Ricardo intranet to share know-how

Automotive engineering consultancy Ricardo has launched a £500,000 online knowledge management intranet system to share know-how among its 1,400 employees in the UK, US, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The system, called R-link, has been developed with IT consultants Computer Measurement Group to put more than 80 years of engineering experience on the web, and promote collaboration on projects.

An intranet system has been created that gives Ricardo’s staff personalised information pages on which to share expertise and documents with their colleagues in other offices.

The knowledge management system took five months to build using CMG’s Rapid Application Deployment approach and an intranet toolkit of modules, customised for Ricardo’s.

The Java-based system runs on a Viglen Pro-Penta 4 server linked to a network of 1,200 PCs in the company’s offices worldwide.

Keith Rose, IT manager at Ricardo’s headquarters in Shoreham, said: `We anticipate the new system will stop us reinventing the wheel on new projects. We will use the system to show people how to obtain knowledge and information to optimise a particular job.’

`Knowledge sharing will have a major commercial benefit in the long term,’ he added.



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