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Alias Wavefront is shipping release 10 of StudioTools, the company’s computer-aided industrial design (CAID) software. Major enhancements include a high quality paint box that integrates with 3D models, improved usability, increased modelling efficiency, plus a PRO/Engineer interface which is included at no extra charge.

StudioTools 10 delivers a complete set of integrated paint tools, created specifically for design-focused sketching. These tools enable designers to sketch concepts from a blank screen or using imported 3D CAD data as a reference. The software’s paint and shapes functionality enables designers to create and iterate on concepts early in the design process.

StudioTools 10 delivers many new paint functions including flood fill, masking, hide and show, blur, sharpen, smear and clone.

Design modellers typically spend over 75% of their time modelling transitions between the main surfaces of their model. Enhancements to modelling tools such as Fillet and Align in StudioTools 10 allow designers to achieve the look and quality of these surfaces much quicker. In addition, the enhanced Draft/Flange tool lets a designer grab handles to push and pull depths and angles, a particularly useful aid for injection moulded applications.

The enhanced interface includes menu presets for 2D design, modelling and rendering, plus simple and advanced modes for square, rail, align and fillet tools. In addition, separate modelling and paint panels speed access to commonly used tools.

Tight integration with downstream engineering software allows designers to take full advantage of the digital design process. Chief among the enhancements in this area is the completely new PTC Granite interface that makes it possible to directly transfer StudioTools 10 files to other applications that support the Granite interface, such as Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/DESKTOP. While Direct Connect options for CATIA, Unigraphics and IDEAS continue to be available separately, the Granite interface is included in StudioTools 10 at no extra charge.

Alias has also improved industry standard transfer methods. The IGES import/export is as much as ten times faster and the STEP translator is redesigned for better handling of analytical data. A new CheckModel feature will review a model for potential data transfer problems in such areas as rational geometry, multiple knots and short edges.

StudioTools 10 is available now, with prices starting at $7,500.

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