Rising revenues

SIC, an electrical manufacturing specialist, has reported a 300 per cent rise in revenues for fully- and near-complete products over the past four years.

Value-added manufacturing continues to yield an annual growth of 50 per cent and accounts for one-third of its total business.

Interest in Swansea-based SIC’s fully assembled electrical products has come from industries including consumer electronics, leisure and domestic appliances, where the need to reduce costs has meant an increase in demand for fully-assembled electrical products.

The company has the capacity to produce 42,000 value-added systems each year and is currently manufacturing over 650 fully and partially complete electronic systems for a range of clients.

In an attempt to increase its range of products, SIC has integrated microprocessors, touch screens and coin mechanisms in its series of fully assembled machines, some of which are more than 2m in size.

Phil Hurlow, technical director at SIC, said: ‘Our recent investment in production lines and manufacturing technology means that we can now accommodate and incorporate a variety of different technologies and production requirements.’

The company is now broadening its focus on general and electrical contract services to include a larger cross-section of manufacturers in the high-technology and scientific markets.