Rittal Liquid Cooling

With over 50% of Data Centre energy being consumed by the cooling of technology, improving the efficiency of Data Centres has now become a key priority.  Rittal offer liquid cooling packages (LCP), which not only solve the high density heat issues up to 70kW, but can also improve the cooling efficiencies of the Data Centre with the added benefit of reducing cooling energy costs.  It is estimated that with the use of LCP it is possible to use 100% free cooling for nearly 70% of the year within the UK.

Rittal LCP’s are environmentally controlled chambers fitted as an extension to the rack or inside the rack with the capability of removing over 30kW of heat, or two systems either side of one rack removing approximately 70kW (Rittal LCP Plus).  Cooling horizontally or vertically from the side provides an even distribution of chilled air at a much more even temperature than conventional cooling.  It also has the added benefit of freeing up internal space.

Technology controlled by microelectronics monitors the complete system based on a series of environmental and heat load measurements.  It includes leak detection, which not only activates an alarm but can also isolate the affected rack system if necessary and can trigger a ‘dump’ mechanism in less than three seconds.

Server and remote monitoring are provided by Rittal Computer Multi-Control (CMC) which allows doors to be locked; smoke detection, vibration detection, temperature monitoring, real-time web-cam, and monitoring of fan RPM, water flow, as well as heat loads of the LCP systems.  Racks and LCP systems can be monitored from any location via the web.

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