Road charging contract for IBM

The Swedish National Parliament has awarded IBM a contract to implement a citywide road-charging solution in Stockholm following a successful trial by IBM and the Swedish Road Administration last year.

Stockholm residents voted to keep the system in place after pollution and traffic were reduced and public transport use increased during the trial. The full version is scheduled for August 2007.

IBM’s role includes implementing and running the congestion charging system in the Stockholm, based on the system used during the 2006 pilot.

The Stockholm system is the largest of its kind in Europe, with 18 barrier-free control points around the charging zone equipped with cameras and a beacon system to identify vehicles and provide evidence to support the enforcement of non-payers. Payment will be possible through direct debit, a Giro system at banks, over the internet, and at retail outlets.

In addition to the Swedish Road Administration and IBM, other organisations involved in the scheme’s development and operation include Q Free, Manpower, Sweden Post, Reitan and Nordea.