Rockwell appoints solutions provider

Rotork Control and Safety has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rockwell Automation, detailing its membership of the latter’s Automation’s Process Application Solution Provider and its access to the ProcessLogix family of control systems.

ProcessLogix is a DCS, which shared common communications and controller architectures with Rockwell’s latest PLCs, by utilising WindowsNT as the HMI. The system will be of particular relevance to the pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries.

Earlier this year, Rotork Control & Safety supplied a distributed control system, incorporating fire and gas detection and emergency shut down systems, for a major plant expansion project at Transco Bacton.

The company installed an Orbus open system, which provides centralised control and supervision for new gas handling plant being built to supply Great Yarmouth power station. Distributed control of the gas handling plant is designed to be stand-alone and operate independently of existing site controls and activity at Bacton. New control buildings for inlet and outlet gas are networked together to an existing third building via a dual Ethernet highway.

The Rotork Orbus system will control and monitor gas demand, flow and quality, supervising all the instrumentation together with serial links to other plant systems. Included in the network, a dedicated Rotork Pakscan two-wire loop will provide serial input into the Orbus controller from the Rotork electric valve actuators installed in the plant.

Commenting on the Rockwell agreement, Dermot Coady, Rotork’s sales and marketing director, said: ‘We have a wealth of experience in delivering DCS solutions and having the ProcessLogix family will both complement our existing products and enable us to maximise our extensive engineering capabilities.’