Rolls-Royce acquires VT Controls for £11 million

Rolls-Royce announced today that it has acquired VT Controls Ltd, a marine electrical systems company, from the VT Group for £11 million.

Rolls-Royce announced today that it has acquired marine electrical systems company VT Controls Ltd for £11 million.

VT Controls, acquired from the VT Group, will be incorporated into the Rolls-Royce Marine Electrical Systems business, which was established earlier this year.

Based in Portsmouth, England VT Controls has provided power or automation systems on all front-line UK naval platforms in the last decade and is involved in current naval programmes both in the UK and abroad.

The company is also said to have developed its presence in the commercial marine sector, providing automation, power systems, system integration and aftermarket services.

Saul Lanyado, Rolls-Royce President – Marine, said: ‘This acquisition is an important element of our strategy for growth in the marine sector. Our products and services support more than 20,000 commercial and naval vessels.

‘VT Controls will enable us to develop an electrical systems capability to continue to turn this product knowledge into a complete, integrated, power solution.’

The acquisition does not include the aerospace division of VT Controls Ltd, based at Wardley, near Manchester, or the oil and gas division in Great Yarmouth, both of which will remain within the VT Group.