Rolls-Royce announces new naval launch

Rolls-Royce has launched designs for a new naval logistics ship that will deliver equipment and spares in support of rapid response forces at record speeds.

Rolls-Royce has launched designs for a new naval logistics ship, offering record speeds for transporting high volumes of equipment and spares in support of rapid response forces.

According to Rolls-Royce, the Fast Naval Sea-Lift Vessel will be able to carry 2,500 tonnes of cargo for 3,000 nautical miles at 40 knots, which is almost twice as fast as ships currently capable of carrying this load.

The low-resistance monohull design, created by Rolls-Royce for fast cargo transport by commercial ships, also allows navies to gain advantages in reduced production times, build costs and structural weight.

Saul Lanyado, Rolls-Royce President – Marine, said: ‘Military forces are increasingly deploying rapid response forces to distant areas at very short notice. As a result, navies are re-assessing their strategic sea-lift systems. The Fast Naval Sea-Lift Vessel meets demands for high-speed, high-volume transport with a design ready for immediate construction.’

The Fast Naval Sea-Lift Vessel is said to offer flexible capabilities depending on range, speed and load requirements. It can achieve a range of up to 3,600 nautical miles, carrying 2,500 tonnes of cargo, at 36 knots, or carry 3,700 tonnes of cargo at 40 knots for 500 nautical miles.

Rolls-Royce will provide a complete Rolls-Royce integrated propulsion system, including three MT30 gas turbines based on the Trent aero engine, three Rolls-Royce Kamewa 250 waterjets, the most powerful in the world, and winches, gearboxes, control systems.

The main structure of the 177m long ship will be made from high tensile steel. Military features will include helicopter landing and airlift facilities, positions for defence systems, communication equipment, cargo decks designed for military equipment and flexible loading facilities.

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