Rolls-Royce break pound barrier at Farnborough

Rolls-Royce said today that the total amount of business announced at Farnborough 2000 this week exceeded US$1.6 billion. The company also issued forecasts that show a potential value of US$200 billion for high-thrust Trent engines over the next 20 years and a potential defence aerospace market worth more than £250 billion over the next 10 years.

The civil aerospace market generated orders across the range of Rolls-Royce engines at Farnborough and there were also important developments in the company’s defence, e-commerce and Total Care activities.

Notable amoungst the orders was the AE 3007 which received its first order in China, worth US$30 million, to power five Embraer RJ 145s for Sichuan Airlines.

Rolls-Royce Chief Executive John Rose said:’With our suppliers and subcontractors, it means our announcements at Farnborough will benefit about one third of the 155,000 employees in the UK’s aerospace industry.’

Of the £250 billion defence aerospace forecast, only around 15 per cent of this is likely to be through traditional engine supply, while more than 40 per cent will come from supplying spares, parts and repair activity. The remaining business, more than 40%, will be in providing and supporting complete systems and platforms.