Rolls Royce clinch $530 million deal

Rolls Royce has announced engine business valued at over half a billion dollars for Embraer regional jets.

The orders involve American Eagle, as launch customer for the new 44-seat Embraer RJ 140, and seven European airlines, including five new customers.

The announcements, all for Rolls-Royce AE 3007 engines, came at the European Regional Airlines Association meeting in Switzerland.

They cover a total of 27 Embraer RJ 135 and ERJ 145 aircraft for European operators, specified as firm and option orders or announcements of intended purchases, as well as the conversion of 66 aircraft options by American Eagle.

The European operators covered by the ERA announcements are Alitalia, Air Moldova, Regional AirLines of Morocco, Axon Airlines, Regourd Aviation-Occitania and Pan Europeenne Air Services, and LOT.

American Airlines, through its regional carrier American Eagle, is to be launch customer for the Embraer RJ 140. The airline is switching scheduled ERJ 135 deliveries to ERJ 140s and is simultaneously converting 66 options to firm orders for the ERJ 140.

American Eagle has now placed 229 firm orders and 48 options for Embraer regional jets.

Firm and option orders for ERJ 135, 140 and 145 aircraft, all powered by the Rolls Royce AE 3007, now total 1,150.