Rolls-Royce wins $40 million order

Europe Maghreb Pipeline Limited has ordered $40 million worth of gas turbine equipment from Rolls-Royce to enhance the performance of one of the world’s most important gas pipelines.

Rolls-Royce has won an order worth more than $40 million from Europe Maghreb Pipeline Limited (EMPL) for additional gas turbine equipment and expertise to help enhance the performance of the Europe Maghreb Pipeline.

According to Rolls-Royce, the order – for RB211 gas turbines, Cooper-Bessemer compressors and En-Tronic controls – will boost supplies of natural gas to industry and commerce in Spain and Portugal by increasing the capacity of the Europe Maghreb Pipeline, one of the world’s most important gas pipelines.

The order will allow an approximate 50 per cent increase in the current 8.5 billion cubic metre annual capacity of the pipeline.

This key 1,375km (from Hassir R’mel to Cordoba) link, which opened in 1996 transports gas from Algeria’s rich natural gas fields to the Iberian peninsula, providing Spain with 30 per cent of all the gas it consumes.

Rolls-Royce will now supply additional equipment and customer service benefits, including the upgrading of existing units, for an expansion of the pipeline.

An RB211 6556 gas turbine driving a Cooper-Bessemer RF2BB30 centrifugal compressor will join two Rolls-Royce compression sets already installed at the Frontera compressor station on the Morocco-Algeria border.

In addition, two RB211 6556 units, each driving Cooper-Bessemer RF4BB36 compressors, will be installed at the Estrecho station in Morocco where the pipeline begins its passage under the Straits of Gibraltar to Spain. This station also has two Rolls-Royce units already in operation.

Besides these three new compression sets, Rolls-Royce will provide two new Cooper-Bessemer RF4BB36 compressors.

Three En-Tronic FT-110 control panels are included in the order and Rolls-Royce will also be responsible for full installation and commissioning services.

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