Rolls-Royce wins energy project contracts worldwide

Power-systems company Rolls-Royce has won new contracts valued at more than $110m (£69.7m) for energy projects in Europe, Africa, India and the Middle East, comprising delivery of both power generation and pipeline transmission products and services.

Two RB211 gas-turbine power-generation packages have been ordered by the Total Oil Company to provide power to an oil facility in the Middle East, which will utilise gas fuel that would otherwise have been burned off, thereby increasing the efficiency of the operation.

Two additional RB211 turbines, powering gas-compression packages, will be supplied to Slovenský plynárenský priemysel (SPP) for use in a compressor station that is part of its gas transmission network in Central Europe.

Also included in the new contracts, Rolls-Royce will provide Bergen reciprocating engines to customers in Tanzania, Madagascar, India and Spain for the generation of electricity.