Rolls-Royce wins retrofit contract

Rolls-Royce has been awarded a contract to retrofit a series of controls for automating a 350-mile natural gas pipeline system in the mid-west United States.

The project involves controls for six compressor stations, with a total generating capacity of over 70,000 horsepower and includes 23 unit control panels for a number of various turbine and engine-driven compressor units, including Solar Centaur and Saturn gas turbines and General Electric Frame 3 machines.

Existing controls on the pipeline system, which runs from Portland, Tennessee, to a point of interconnection with several interstate pipeline systems near Joliet, Illinois, have become outdated and too labour intensive to meet the pipeline’s operation and maintenance requirements.

Rolls-Royce’s En-Tronic FT-110 control system has been selected for the pipeline. Delivery of the Rolls-Royce En-Tronic control equipment is now in progress and installation of units on the natural gas transportation link has begun.

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