Rotork to supply Thames Water

Rotork electric actuators have been specified within the terms of the company’s framework agreement with Thames Water to operate two sleeve valves for one of London’s main reservoirs.

The 1600mm specialised valves will perform critical safety duties at the Queen Mary reservoir and are the largest of their type built by designer and manufacturer, Blackhall Engineering.

The valves weigh more than 22 tonnes and stand 13m tall. Each has a maximum flow capacity of 13 cubic metres a second. They also operate with low noise levels making them suitable for populated and built-up environments.

Each valve is equipped with a Rotork IQM modulating electric actuator and IB10 bevel gearbox. The ‘intelligent’ Rotork actuator is programmed to operate the valve in stages that take account of the falling water level to maintain a constant flow rate.

A data logger fitted in each actuator keeps a historical record of valve operating data that can be downloaded and compared with valve commissioning data to analyse operating trends and help to minimise the requirement for routine maintenance.