Routing the mobile

Cambridge-based Augmentra has signed a deal that will bring its DataRanger technology to phone handsets. The contract is with Geolives, a joint venture between STAR-APIC Group and Geomatic Ingenierie.

The agreement establishes Augmentra DataRanger technology as an off-road mapping, navigation and information platform for the Symbian mobile software environment. DataRanger allows for content such as maps to be stored on a mobile phone and a remote server. Points of interest, routes, text, photos, audio and video information can also be added.

Augmentra co-founder Craig Wareham said: ‘Geolives users can select specific map areas on a PC and then take them into the field on a mobile phone. GPS-enabled handsets will show a dynamic map display with the user’s location clearly marked.’

The DataRanger technology platform has already been used by Ordnance Survey Irelandfor its StreetSmart Guide to Dublin and by AA Publishing for its AA Smart TravelGuide series.